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Lust List: Hand Bags for Fall

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom

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Nothing makes my heart flutter more than browsing the net for handbags. My love for shoes has been well documented on the blog, but my love for bags yet needs to be proclaimed. Because its not just love, its an adventure! Once I have found a bag that I like, my hands start trembling, heart starts beating faster, I get sleepless nights, and cannot stop staring at the screen, until I own it. It is truly a psycho passionate experience. I am thrifty when is comes to everything in my closet, except handbags. I might buy just one per year but it has to be something to write home about. 

Now I am not a clutch kinda girl. I do have a few for night-outs and parties. But I am always secretly wishing to carry my big-ass-bag everywhere, for I carry my world in my bag (Here's the post with - What's in your bag?). So, I have not bought a bag in quite some time now, but I am definitely lusting over a few here. Its a difficult choice, because I do not own any of those colors or the styles. What do you think?

Which one would you pick? 
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By Ammu Ammulu
posted on 22 May at 09:41

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