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Lush Summer Essentials

By Makeuptemple @makeuptemple

Getting your body into shape for summer exposure needn’t be an arduous struggle.   Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has a whole host of natural, animal and environmentally friendly products to help you look good in those little summer dresses and feel happy to bare all!
Seeing as it’s summer – why not go naked?!  Packaging is kept to a minimum at Lush, out of respect for the environment, in fact Lush solid products are actually naked … you can’t get less packaging than that!  Choose one of Lush’s super moisturising body butters to prime skin for exposure.  The skin exfoliating and toning BuffyLush Summer Essentials (£5.25 for 90g or £9.45 for 200g) will help you get the perfect beach bum.  A favourite of Kylie Minogue, it’s packed with ground rice, aduki beans and almonds to gently scrub away any dry skin and cellulite, helping to firm up limbs. Helen Ambrosen, Lush Product Creator & Co-Founder, recommends keeping skin stimulated to achieve that toned look, “One of the most important things to do is to keep your skin gently stimulated and maintain a healthy circulation.  By doing this you’ll encourage the elimination of toxins, ensure a healthy turnover of cells and stimulate muscle tone”.
A good moisturiser is essential for your summer beauty routine, in order to combat dry skin. When skin is tanned it instinctively wants to dry out and shed the dead skin – as tanned skin is fundamentally a response to sun damage.  So choose moisturisers that are highly emollient, to lock-in moisture and help prevent peeling. Dream Cream (£10.25 for 240g) is a Lush best seller and the ultimate soothing moisturiser, using olive oil as a rich emollient that seriously softens the skin.  According to Helen “There is evidence that keeping the skin softened helps maintain its barrier function helping to prevent moisture-loss”.  This, in turn, also helps to maintain a suntan!
Alternately, if you don’t have a beach holiday booked and are worried about facing summer with pale and pasty winter skin, Lush has just the thing for you … apply some Lush Summer EssentialsCharlotte Island body tint (£5.25 for 100g / £10.50 for 250g) for an instant holiday glow.  Especially good for covering any unsightly blemishes or thread veins on legs and giving you the confidence to wear those short summer skirts without tights.  This is also ideal for those who have overdone it in the sun and have a bit of a patchy, red tan … smooth into skin to even out skin tone and allow the aloe vera to soothe and calm redness and the cocoa butter to moisturise, hopefully avoiding any peeling.


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