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Luggage Storage in Buenos Aires

By Expanishargentina @expanish

It is common for our students to ask us where they can store their luggage while they go traveling as many want to go backpacking in Patagonia, but not take all of their things.  Buenos Aires is a city that offers a million different activities and services, but unfortunately one of them is not luggage storage.  This means that travelers have limited options.

To help get this information out there, I have put together a (short) list of places to store luggage in Buenos Aires.  There always might be more options, so if you have a suggestion, let us know!

Luggage Luggage Storage in Buenos Aires
Ezeiza International Airport and Aeroparque Domestic Airport

According to my online searches and Lonely Planet, both the international and domestic airports have luggage storage services that charge by the day.  Personally I have never heard of them nor seen signs at the airport, so I am hesitant to 100% endorse this.  From 2008 forums it looks like they charge 3 or 4 US dollars per day.  This is definitely differnet now due to inflation.

Retiro Train Station

Retiro, the train station, offers a luggage service in their lower level.  I have not heard the best reviews of this service, so again I do not recommend it.  It is always an option for those taking a bus and desperate not to haul all of their stuff along.

South American Explorers

South American Explorers (SAE) is an organization that offers independent information for travellers in South America.  They have club houses in multiple cities, including Buenos Aires.  They offer a luggage storage service to their members as well as other great services.  Definitely a good place to check out before you set out.

Your Hotel / Hostel

Any quality hotel or hostel will have a luggage storage service.  Some only offer it for part of a day (for check-in or check-out reasons), while at others you can store luggage for a longer period of time.  Definitely ask your accommodation option ahead of time to see what their specific policy is.

Expanish Office (kind of)

Although we do not officially offer luggage storage, many times students need a place to stash their stuff for an afternoon or while they are in class.  We are more than happy to accommodate and watch over your things in the back of our office.  We cannot, however, store things over night.

Luggage Storage Tips

It might seem obvious, but do not leave anything valuable in your luggage while it is being stored.

Make sure to clarify any luggage storage rules or conditions.  Many places have limits of how long you can store or certain pick-up / drop-off times, so they are good to know beforehand.

Always lock your luggage.  Anyone offering luggage storage will most likely not be responsibility for any missing items, so do not let that be a possibility and secure your stuff.

Just like when you fly, make sure your luggage is labeled with your name and contact details.

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