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Lucky Me

By Fiafox @SofiaEssen

There is one person in my life that has been there for me, loyally by my side, for 28 years and counting. In all this time, her devotion to me hasn’t wavered even once and she has never let me down. When I was a baby, she watched over me while I slept soundly in my crib. She picked me up and dusted me off every time I tumbled when I began taking my first faltering steps. On my very first day of school, she hugged me so tightly I could feel her comforting arms around me for the rest of the day, making me feel safe and protected in my new world. At 18, when my heart broke over a violin that could no longer play, she held me until my tears dried. And now, she is my champion, encouraging me to keep going whenever I doubt myself and feel like I can’t.   She is my staunchest supporter, partner in crime, and best friend. She is my rock. She is my mother. Today is her birthday. What I want to say to her today is that I hope she knows, not just today but every day, how incredible she is. And I hope she knows how lucky I feel to be able to call her my mother. Happy Birthday Mamma!   

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