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Where Are You?

By Fiafox @SofiaEssen
Where Are You?If you truly want abundance in life, you need to focus your energy. You have probably heard it before, but did you listen? Where you are mentally determines what you experience in life. That’s the simple truth. The question is: do you focus on Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow? Yesterday’s NewsRegretting and fretting over what you experienced or didn’t experience, what you did or didn’t do yesterday is not productive. Yesterday is done, it’s over, and you can’t do anything about it. The only thing dwelling on yesterday accomplishes is preventing you from being present today. Let go of the past, especially your negative memories. Make peace with yourself and others, and move on. Yes, you can learn a great deal from the past, but you still need to let go and move forward. Are you living your life in the present or do you have a tendency to linger on yesterday’s news? Think about it. Today’s Experiences
Once you are at peace with yesterday, you can enjoy today. Facing the truth about who we are and where we are in life is always the turning point. This isn’t easy to do, but as the old adage goes: The truth shall set you free. We often lose perspective because we aren’t viewing “our story” objectively, which makes it difficult to see the big picture. We tend to focus our energy on the negative rather than the positive, and it’s therefore difficult to truly enjoy the present moment. Time spent regretting the past or fearing the future, is time wasted. Look around and smell the roses because time is ticking away, and you can’t get it back. Immerse yourself in what you are doing right now. Focus your energy on the things you appreciate, love and are grateful for. If you do that, you’ll be much better equipped to handle challenges in life. Take an honest look at yourself. Where are you? Do you focus your energy on what’s beautiful and good about today, or is your mind elsewhere? Tomorrow’s OpportunitiesEnjoying today is essential, but it might not create the extent of the abundance you are looking for. Your future is only as real as you envision it. Design a tomorrow that is right for you with empowering thoughts, feelings and intentions. Then it’s a matter of focusing your energy and having the courage to commit to achieving your dream goals. To maximize what you get out of life, learn from and then let go of Yesterday, be present Today, and take the actions that will result in the Tomorrow you want. It’s where you focus your energy that will make it or break it for you. Consider my “7 Dares”: Dare to let go of yesterday’s newsDare to enjoy today Dare to take charge of tomorrowDare to listen to your own truth Dare to move forward with self-empowermentDare to know that you are greater than you think you are Dare to focus your energy on what matters most to you

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