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Lowering Our Weather Standards

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
It snowed this week. We received another 2 inches of snow on April 15. This is now officially the third snowiest winter on record. We call this the winter that will never end, which seems more and more appropriate each day.
We're all feeling really beaten down by the never-ending cold and snow.
The upside is our weather standard are really low now. While we were on vacation, it was colder than we had hoped. Our mantra became, "Well, at least it's not snowing." Daddy's sisters had rain on a recent trip and he said, "It rained, but it didn't snow."
It's our new standard. As long as it's not snowing, it's a good weather day. It's a pretty low standard, but after this winter we're just looking for the silver lining in our winter clouds. 

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