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Low Society: High Time

Posted on the 20 January 2012 by Hctf @hctf
Low SocietyLow Society live @ Festival In the Borough, Washington, NJ - 2011/10/02
photo: Raymond McConnell

One of the best things in life is watching a loud blues band firing on all cylinders. One of the hardest thing to do is capturing the excitement on tape in the studio. NYC band Low Society pulled it off. Fronted by the happily married couple Mandy Lemons and Sturgis Nikides their album High Time transport the listener to a crowded bar where they are playing loud and raucous songs.

Most of the bands in this niche stick to playing covers, and sure enough there a couple of them in the setlist, but nine out of the ten tracks are originals (the sole cover si a rendition of J. Miller's Sugar Coated Love). Twelve bar blues as a genre can be depressing or upbeat and Low Sociteyt go for the latter. Lemons loud and angry vocals take center stage with Nikides playing nearly as much of different guitars as he has tattoos on his arms. Switching from dobro to steel guitar to banjo to acoustic to electric (and some junkyard percussion) he tackles old school tunings as a 101 for vintage R&B lovers.

With Charlie Walker IV on drums, and C.P. Roth and Rowdy Bodine sharing bass duties, High Time is hell of a ride, driving Long Black Limousine and wearing Dead Mans Shoes. Thankfully there a few slower tracks - Three Times Loser< Down Texas Way> and Black Pelican to allow the listener to catch his breath.

Low Society: High Time

High Time is released on Rezonate Records. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Given Up On Love
  2. Dead Mans Shoes
  3. Three Time Loser
  4. Long Black Limousine
  5. Texas Goodnight
  6. When I'm Done
  7. Crazy Love
  8. Down Texas Way
  9. Black Pelican
  10. Sugar Coated Love

(Long Black Limousine by Low Society)

Live dates:
  • 01/25 Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY
  • 02/03 Full Cup, Staten Island, NY

Video: Low Society - Dead Mans Shoes
(live@t Tom Clark's Treehouse - Upstairs @ 2A, NY 2011/12/11)

» screaminblues.com
» facebook.com/LowSocietyBand

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By Monique Grimme
posted on 03 May at 21:14

I booked Low Society that festival. That was so awesome. Together with Plainfield Slim aka Gar Francis, Duane Chez, SlackJaw Blues Band.