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Low Fat Gajar Ka Halwa /Carrot Halwa

By Shazia @diary_of_a_home

Low Fat Gajar Ka Halwa/Carrot Halwa


I like the month of December because it is the Holiday Season! In my house it is also the time for food extravaganza. The whole family likes to indulge in all sorts of comforting food that the winter season entails. Evening teas are always accompanied by some sort of Halwa and my favorite is carrot Halwa.
I love Carrot Halwa also known as Gajar Ka Halwa. It is rich delicious and creamy, with all the goodness of carrots and dried fruit, I could go on and on praising this decadent dessert! The winter season sparks my craving for sweets and that is when Carrot Halwa comes to the rescue.
Every winter I eat tons of gajar ka halwa and gain at least 2-3 kilos or may be more of weight as my metabolism is not the same as it was a few years back. This season I will be making my favorite halwa dessert but with lesser calories.  For achieving the low calorie version I have used only 2 tbsps of dried milk powder instead of double cream or condensed milk. I have used ghee again in lesser quantity which is also healthier than butter. You can omit the ghee altogether if you like but I think some fat is good for you.  Again I am not a dietitian or an health expert just sharing some second hand knowledge.


medium carrots8 grated

sugar1/2 cup

cardamom powder1 tsp

ricotta cheese1 tbsp

dried milk powder3 tbsp

ghee2 1/4 tbsp

raisinsas needed

coconut flakesas needed

pistachiosas needed

almondsas needed

Preparation: 10 mins☻    Cooking: 30 mins☻    Serves: 5-6☻    Cuisine: Pakistani/ Indian
Grate the carrots with the help of a grater.Set aside.
Low Fat Gajar Ka Halwa /Carrot  Halwa

Place the grated carrots in a pan along with the sugar and cardamoms.
Low Fat Gajar Ka Halwa /Carrot  Halwa

Cook on medium heat until the water evaporates.
Low Fat Gajar Ka Halwa /Carrot  Halwa

Mix in the ghee,ricotta and dried milk powder. Cook until all the ingredients have permeated into the carrot mixture. The powdered milk and ricotta will start to form solid clumps at this point. Scrap them off the sides as you keep stirring. The carrots will have more of a deeper color now.
That's it! Low fat carrot Halwa is ready to be served. Garnish with raisins, pistachios or coconut flakes.

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