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Love Your Curves With Daxon*

By Nikki Sumner @gamergirl0621
 So it is that weird time of year, the days are still dark cold and gloomy and everywhere you turn the D word is being mentioned and for me it can make me want to run for the hills!!
Whenever I feel like that (which thankfully is much less frequently than in the past) I try and take a moment to re-focus and remember how far I have come. Before I started blogging my life was one constant yo-yo diet but one day I discovered the amazing world of plus size blogging and slowly but surely things changed.
I now look at myself in a totally different way I notice the curve of my hips the roundness of my tummy and no longer hide behind baggy clothes, I want to celebrate my body.
Learning to love the skin you are in is no mean feat and everyday I still see others battling with insecurities and feeling the pressure to meet such high expectations because they can't see how beautiful they are.
I am thankful for the fantastic plus size community who have helped me really become so much more comfortable with who I am and inspire me everyday.

Love Your Curves With Daxon*

Love Your Cuves with Daxon

For me fashion is a huge part of my life so finding retailers who offer a good range of sizes is always exciting, so I was pleased to see that Daxon offer clothing in a size 6-32 which is an amazing range of sizes. They are also running a competition via their Facebook Page which gives you the chance to win £250 to spend with them. All you need to do is upload a photo of yourself looking amazing it is that easy!!
Here is me feeling fabulous!!
Love Your Curves With Daxon*

If you do decide to enter then I wish you lots of luck!!
Love Your Curves With Daxon*
*Post written in collaboration with Daxon

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