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Love, Marriage, and the Eternity Ring

By Loveandgrace @loveandgrace20

Several of you have been following my blog since the beginning. I found that in God’s time, His blessings shower down and our lives are ever changing. Some of you are going through your own transitions of finding love and journeying down the path of courtship. You thought it would never happen, but God is faithful!

So if marriage is now the topic of discussion for you and your sweetheart, it is never too early to prepare for all the blessed details of marriage. Planning the wedding, the venue, the music, reception, and so on will quickly take over your planner. Even if your dream wedding is a small outdoor affair, you will want to make sure your day is one you enjoy remembering.

One of the most prized components of your marriage is the wedding ring. More importantly than the value or the aesthetics is the symbol of the wedding ring.

Eternity RingWhen you think about romantic jewelry, or jewelry associated with romantic events or holidays, it is clear to see that most of this sort of jewelry is a result of some specific tradition or history. For example, there is history behind the concept of a diamond engagement and wedding ring. One such history and tradition that is particularly interesting and perhaps not as popularly known is that of the eternity ring, which in today’s world is essentially a symbol of commitment.

The concept of eternity rings dates back roughly 4,000 years, to the height of the Egyptian civilization. In this civilization, there is evidence that rings of metal set with circles of small stones were given to symbolize eternal love and life. From this, it is easy to see how rings with full circles of precious stones can symbolize everlasting love and commitment, and the tradition has continued into modern times.

Of course, today’s rings offer a great deal more elegance and variety than ancient eternity rings, and you now have virtually endless options if you or your loved one is considering purchasing such a ring. A quick glance through the selection of eternity rings from 77 Diamonds, for example, will show you many different options of styles, settings, and stones. Some of these have small diamonds set around the entire circumference of the ring, and others have stones only in the top half, but are still designated as eternity rings. Ultimately, you will have the joy of choosing just about anything that you could imagine symbolizing your blessed commitment.

In modern times eternity rings are given for a number of different reasons. After the initial wedding day many couples use eternity rings to mark an anniversary; some men give their wives eternity rings upon the birth of the first child (how sweet!); and still others use these rings if a day ever comes on which they decide to renew their wedding vows. The choice is up to you, and what you feel will be meaningful for your relationship. Regardless of what you decide, your wedding ring is sure to be a lovely symbol of commitment and love.

Granted most readers of my blog are women, but the selection of your engagement and wedding rings differ for each couple. Before Ronnie asked me to marry him I thought I wanted a more traditional proposal. He would, on his own, select the engagement ring that would represent our love. Then I would, on my own, purchase his wedding ring. Instead we browsed rings together. It gave us both an ideal of what we would like. But, if you prefer the element of total surprise, go for it!

So if you are on your way to changing your relationship status, first let me say, praise God for blessing you. Secondly, I will miss you, as I usually lose readers who are no longer single and waiting for their Boaz. Last but not least, take a deep breath and enjoy this season of wedding planning and preparing for marriage, family, and eternal love.

Diamond rings, wedding dresses, and multiple tier cakes are wonderful, but always remember our God who heard your prayers, dried your tears, poured joy in your heart, and loved you through it all.

I pray a special blessing for the soon to be newlyweds!

-Candra Evans


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