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By Drharrietd @drharrietd


This is The Love Letter (1863) by Auguste Toulmouche. Well, it is Valentine's Day, not that I've ever paid all that much attention to it, or not since I was at boarding school, when it mattered terribly whether you got any cards -- I never did, apart from one memorable year when a friend of my parents sent me three, all purporting to come from different people, one of whom was the coal man (yes, we had coal delivered in those days) -- it had a black thumbprint on it. Of course I knew who had done this, but it was a nice thought. Anyway, if you care about such things, I hope you get a lovely card from your loved one today.

And if you love poetry, how about some love poetry? Audible has a special offer for today, a recording of fifteen classic love poems, read by Richard Armitage. Classic Love Poems can be downloaded free from: And if you want to see Richard talking about, and reading some snippets, here's a video.


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