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Love is for Life and Beyond

Posted on the 24 September 2018 by Cheekymeeky

When this book came to me for review, I was a little put off by the cheesy sounding title. But this weekend, I was waiting at my local Coffee Day for my daughter to finish up her dance class. This book was on hand, and so I ended up reading it over a nice steamy cup of cocoa on a rainy day. Ended up having the most enjoyable time, and now I don't mind the book title too much.

About the Book
Love is for Life and Beyond

Nikhil is relishing a perfect life - a family that loves him beyond measure, a dream that he is sure to fulfil and the love of his life Shanaya. The day he thinks life couldn't have been better, it unravels its plots one by one, cracking the very foundation of his perfect life and breaking his heart into a million pieces.
Just when he decides to give up, he crosses paths with Ridhima - a girl with a stained fate, who finds in him her fulfilment.
Will Nikhil forget his first love, whom he promised to love for life and beyond?

~ Synopsis from Amazon
My Review

The story is a basic love story between a boy and a girl who have known each other all their lives. They start dating while in college, and the rest of the book deals with the ups and downs of their romance.

What I really liked about the book is just how realistic it is about the problems a young couple can face when they fall in love too young. Nikhil and Shanaya are too young and too immature to deal with their feelings. When rough times come by, it's hard for them to hold on to their romance. He gets busy with work, she gets bored and cranky. The frequent fights and making up all start to build up to what feels like a toxic relationship.

Eventually, expectedly, a break happens.

I loved this aspect of the book. So many romances gloss over the problems that can occur in a relationship. This book retains all the romantic aspects of a young love book without overlooking the issues.

It's also not afraid to show its protagonists unsure about their love, willing to consider other more exciting possibilities. Will true love eventually find a way? I don't want to reveal much about this aspect of the book. In the second half of the book, I wasn't sure if Nikhil and Shanaya would actually get back together. I wasn't sure if I even wanted them to. And that little bit of suspense/tension really made the rest of this book worth reading.

Overall, this book was a very pleasant and unexpected sort of romance, and if you are fond of desi romances, then you should definitely be picking up this book.

Huge thanks to the author for sending me this book for review consideration.

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