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Love Declaration of an IT Professional

By Awanish Kumar @snazzyawi
I know you all will be looking forward to 14 Feb this year as a day to celebrate your romantic love, I am also in the same boat, eagerly waiting for this V day. I understand you people are keen to know my love declaration, but before that I would like to share a brief  conversation which I had with my colleague at office last Friday.Me: Happy Valentine's Day!! Colleague: Are you serious, we haven't even celebrated republic day, what are you saying!!Me: I am planning an open love declaration for soniya!!Colleague: Are you crazy?? What if her family gets to know and what about your ex.Me: Forget Ex, I don't care about her anymore.Colleague: What about soniya's family.Me: Hope they will understand ...Colleague: What's your plan this time, don't do anything stupid.Me: Don't worry you will know about it on 14 Feb!!

Love Declaration of an IT Professional

A sneak peak of  my love declaration 

To give a little background on my crush and my plans for this Valentine's Day, let me tell you about my personality and current status in relationship. I am an IT geek with little experience in field of love and very reluctant to girls, I think hundred times before approaching to any girl. So you can, say I am a person with no characteristic of a normal lover boy or a boyfriend. I have a so-called girlfriend of mine which I have never proposed in 2 years of relationship. She is kind of fling in our relationship, but I am serious from last one year and in complete love with her. Sometimes I feel she loves me too, but she didn't give any open indication in this direction. I have been planning to propose her since a very long time, but when I plan to do this my heart comes to my mouth. My colleagues and friends suggested that, take a bold move and propose to her. So I thought, this Valentine's Day I stand a chance to do this and with little bit of courage I have decided to give my love declaration to not only to her, but to the whole world. For some people face-to -face love disclosure is very simple, but for me it's not an easy job. I want her to feel little special and extraordinary when I propose to her so I am announcing it on all my social media accounts in which we both are on. With all my cover pages, profile pictures displaying my declaration of love with some lovely tweets for her about my feelings. I am going to use hash tag #SnazzyawiProposes, don't blame me if it's in list of trending topics on 14 Feb this time. 
Whoa I am getting excited while writing it here. Does it seem like I am crossing my limits. Yes I am, but this is what I want, I want her to know that how much I love her & I don't have any fear in accepting this in front of anyone. I know her family might get freak and react unusual, but I am ready for it. I am gonna ask her openly that "Will you be my Valentine for this life"I am waiting for this Valentine's Day!! Will  Cupid's arrow is going to hit me this time, stay tuned for my upcoming Video blog on this theme. Till then you can also plan a #cupid game for your crush.Happy Valentine's Day in advance and best of luck ....This post is inspired from my real life experiences and is part of  Closeup Cupid games-Love favours the bold this Valentine's contest  at Indiblogger .To submit your bold move, you can  visit:

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