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Love Bombing!

By Familyfriends @familyfriends_

“This I command you, that ye love one another.

Jesus gave the world an order before he left Earth for His kingdom in Heaven. He simply said “This I command you, that ye love one another.
“He did not tell me to go and be loved by another, or “go and make sure that you are loved.” The echo of the order is still the same today as it was 2000 years ago.  Love starts with me!

Love Bombing!

One morning I decided that I would smile, spread encouragement to the left and right and try to love bomb every person as much as possible a could. The first real test came in the car when three sleepy siblings were not as involved in my mission as me. There were fight and conflicts everywhere. No one listened and the sweat began to penetrate from all possible channels from my skin. But I was determined, and finally with the right CD and with many peaceful declarations of love the storm became silent. The end of the ride in the car was really nice. Once at school, it went exactly as I hoped. I smiled and mothers cheered happily back. Comments on stylish hairstyles, fashion choices and other encouragements danced and sang out of my mouth. I had the opportunity to give one or two hugs. Could also offer school pick-up to a mother who was a bit stressed up. In the car home, it felt just great. The mission had been a success and I bubbled over with energy and joy.

Then came home and was going to meet my colleague… hm….. and my spouse. I do not know what was happening, or how it started but with a little self-reflection and lots of self-distance, I finally had to realize that my “Love Bomb mission” that I so much enjoyed and put teeth into and that filled me up with feel-good over my ears, had a tiny hook. It appeared it did not include everyone. It included, of course, tired, uncomfortable and screaming kids. The mission included all mothers I met, most of them I do not know the names, but they were all included. I had hugs to for kids who fell and was hurt, hugs to an over-tired mother. To the stressed one, I offered my services cheerfully.
It is important to point out that there was genuine joy that I offered, comments sat easily in my mouth and it was not a difficult task. There was nothing fake behind the smiles, hugs, or comments! It was for real!

Yes, but I came home and then meet someone that was not included in my mission. All of a sudden the mission ended. In my thoughts I met someone who would give me love, which this is a person who needs to earn my smile and my lovely and cuddly hug. I came home from my success drop-off and did not have the same patience with a tired Johan that I had with the three kids fighting in the back of the car less than half an hour ago. It did not take long before we had said this and that to each other. And unfortunately, with hindsight, it has been an issue in our family; it was always easier to give to others who do not belong to the family. When I started to pay attention to this particular Bible passage for real, I tried to turn a blind eye and deaf to it as much as I could. But finally I realized what “Someone” was trying to say. I had interpreted the words that I would love, love those who needed help, those who needed time, those who needed encouragement, those who needed relief, understanding, and all that Love contains. But to me this short commandment did not include my own husband. How strange is that?  Our relationship was more dependent on me to get first. He would give, and I could respond to his love of evidence!

But finally in the end a saw the point “ someone” was trying to tell me. The task of love bombing applies to everyone, even my own husband. How strange that!

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