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By Agadd @ashleegadd


{Clockwise from top left: Mossimo skinny lounge pants / Old Navy striped hoodie / printed leggings / Haven wrap / Lounge slippers / H&M pajama set / Minnetonka Julie bootie slippers}

I get dressed approximately 2-3 times a week (and by “get dressed” I mean putting on pants with a zipper and button). The rest of the time I’m in loungewear, and while I feel slightly embarrassed to admit that, the truth is: I love it. My days revolve around writing and editing photos and tickling Everett on the carpet. Mostly livin’ the dream, right? Sadly, my loungewear wardrobe isn’t as cute as this, but I’m looking to change that soon (if nothing else, so the Starbucks drive-thru barista can pay me a little more respect).

Do you work from home? Stay at home with kids? What’s your go-to lounge outfit of choice?

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