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Lots of Bananas

By Sue15cat
Lots of Bananas
On the subject of saving money and prepping food, as I was talking about the other day, this is something I've recently started doing with bananas.  Instead of just buying a small bunch every week and using them up as quickly as I can so they don't go too brown, and I hate it when they do go all brown and speckly and then get overly sweet, and that window of opportunity to use them when they are at their best for me is so narrow.
Now I buy a couple of big bunches when I'm out shopping, leave them on the kitchen worktop until they reach that stage of perfection that I like and then cut them all into thirds, 
Lots of Bananas
Then they are open frozen for a couple of hours in trays and then bagged up.
Once like this they can be added to my morning Nutriblast to thicken it up nicely and add a bit of sweetness and lots of goodness, or a handful of them can be whizzed up quickly in the Nutribullet or the food processor depending on how much I need and voila ... instant ice cream.  Totally delicious and if you are making ice cream you can add some vanilla paste or some chocolate chips depending on what you are fancying.
It's good having things prepped and ready to use, and things with multi-uses are even better.
Sue xx

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