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Lost in a Sea of Blue

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
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I love it when the theme is a color. It allows the creative juices to flow, I mean, it could be a blue anything, right?!
I have, however, gone with perhaps a more obvious topic as this week has been a bit of a hectic one to say the least, thereby meaning that this was a little rushed. For that you have my apologies.
Depression. A taboo that many do not want to discuss openly. Yet something that most of us encounter at some point in varying degrees. From the "milder" end of feeling under par and blue, to the extremes of Clinical, Chronic, Manic and more. I say, do not be ashamed! Why should you be? The human condition is weird, wonderful and downright bizarre. WE ARE ALL STRANGE! There is no such thing as "normal". Do not be afraid to talk to someone about it, and if you do and don't get any positive response, then go to someone else, because in all likelihood that first person is too scared to talk about it, or doesn't understand it. Many of the older generation were to just pull themselves together! Stiff upper lip and all that nonsense. No. Sorry. I won't condone allowing someone to suffer in silence!
I have been there at varying points in my life, at various degrees of severity. It isn't something to be ignored. My poem this week draws partly from experience and also fiction.
Blue: The swirling currents grab in a savage embrace. Pulling, dragging down in to the dark. Riptides wrapped around not only body, but lungs; the very air being wrung out. The heart pounding in panic, ... until ... too stressed, it barely beats at all. At this moment nothing matters. Despair weighs heavily in the pit of my stomach
plunging me further down. ... Then ... I see your face in the ripples above, distorted but definitely you! I reach towards you, beckoning, pleading, yearning for the touch of your hand; your embrace.
The words: "SAVE ME!"
escape from my mouth
in large violent bubbles
and float away,
zigging and zagging
up to you.
Then you're there! Pulling me towards you, wrapping your arms around me, keeping me safe ... and warm ... and loved! and that's how I am ... Blue ... until you return to my side. Must you go again?

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