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Lost in a Long Weekend

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick

Well hello Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday! I'm all discombobulated having had a super long weekend (the kids got a half day last Thursday and didn't go back until yesterday). Is this Columbus Day Weekend thing just a Massachusetts holiday, or anyone else been checked out?
So back to reality. I owe you all Project Big Hot Mess Photos (I added the Big- its growing). I really don't have much for you this week, sadly... I started making a new library table for between the couches. Right now it is just an accident waiting to happen, all propped together. No walls painted or light fixtures moved yet... Lost in a Long Weekend I am still pondering wall colors for in here. I'm hating the old floors, they just look dirty with white next to them. Lost in a Long Weekend the only thing I did do in here is paint the side board black...
Lost in a Long Weekend I am trying to go quieter in here and restrain myself...
Lost in a Long Weekend So, sorry for a lackluster start. I got my sewing machine back though, so there is hope for next week. I'll just blame it on the long weekend... My weekend involved this... a ton of fall & kid stuff... making Pumpkin Cookies... Lost in a Long Weekend On a side note, my youngest started watching "Noodle and Doodle" on Sprout where you "make a craft and a tasty treat" and has since been invading my kitchen trying to cook stuff. Its cute and SO annoying at the same time. I have walked in on him emptying all my spices into a bowl, filling a wok on the stove top with carrots, onions, spaghetti,ketchup and cumin ("human" as he calls it) telling me he is making Wiggly Worms in Delicious Dirt, and finding bowls of frozen mustard and ketchup in my freezer. Its f*cking exhausting keeping up with the mess, and I am trying not to freak on him because he is finally eating new stuff, but I am losing my mind. Did I mention he is super stubborn too? Anyone else dealing with this? How, please???? Local farms and orchards were hit up... Lost in a Long Weekend And I ran the Boston Half Marathon with my husband and niece... Lost in a Long Weekend and I'm still hobbling. I need to remember NOT to think I am Flo-Jo and bust out wind sprints a couple days before a race. I was still sore the morning of the race, it was crazy hot for Boston (80's) and my bladder decided to have an affair with the Porto Potties- but I finished in record suck time. SO now that it is over it is back to work. Be back shortly with some pretty stuff to make up for my absence!

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