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Lost At Sea

By Thedreamery

5ec040eed27240e3d31a6254f925f673Oh, I’m missing everything about the sea. I’m a nature girl at heart, but I’ve always felt a special connection to water ever since I was a little girl, another reason I find Mermaids to be such enchanting creatures, but that’s another story. The scent of the water, the sound of crashing waves, the wild air, the glistening reflection from the sun, make me ever so happy to just be me. I mean there isn’t anything saltwater can’t cure, it cleanses my soul. One simple morning during my trip back home to the east coast, just wasn’t enough. Gazing upon the sea, I could see all my dreams flooding within me, I knew I just couldn’t be away much longer. Water always manages to bring me back to me. It’s an unexplainable feeling of home and encouragement, that any wildest dream is possible, and drowns out the negativity within. What an experience it would be to go sailing and see “nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, not matter how many times it is sent away”-Anonymous5d5a9340a6b99d11aa1510ecbcddaebbIt still amazes me that spending three long summer months year after year in Portugal, I have not seen nearly enough of this beautiful coastal country, including the Heart Sea Arch in the Tranquil Sea
1f93c871debcc407fa4cafa96abebd00-1ce36ba1190fba161f46b3b3b7ae6fffdWe could tap into childhood fantasies of finding mystical creatures amongst streaming rivers in Fairing Glen…332d8d0fb1f4e46958499725ed912d99…or swim with saltwater crocodiles at Crocosaurus CoveEvening Light Sonoma CoastThen head to the Pacific Coast after a day of wining and dining in Sonoma County…bb4ef1f26dedfe051032aac2c3272c94…and savor the art of doing nothing on  hidden African gems
14edd7d7e7310785158cec8d2d683f19Before diving from romantic Italian cliffs into majestic blue and green bays…

…ending my days watching the sunset into Grecian waters…


….and float on billowing waves…

Lost At Sea

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