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Lost and Found

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The blond twin lost her iPod a while back. The girls had back to back sleepovers when it went missing. When she realized it was missing she tore apart her bedroom and the spare bedroom looking for it. She couldn’t find it.
We called their friends to see if it ended up in someone’s stuff by accident. No one had the iPod, but every parent had a story about their children losing their devices. I spent a lot of time laughing at these stories, but we didn’t find the iPod. The blond twin kept asking for a new iPod. We told her she’d have to save her own money for it. She had a tablet she could use in the meantime. She wasn’t happy, but we stuck to our statement.

Today I heard a squealing scream coming from the basement. At first I didn’t know which girl was screaming. By the time I identified the blond twin as the source, I asked what was wrong.
As soon as I saw her I knew she was happy, not sad or scared. At first I didn’t know why she was so happy. It wasn’t until she did a happy dance with her hands in the air that I saw the shiny thing she clutched tightly.
She found her iPod. It turns out the iPod was in the basement. The blond twin must have opened the radio cabinet, put the black iPod on the dark wood shelf and forgotten about it. What makes me laugh is that they play in the basement regularly with the radio blasting. I don’t understand how she didn’t find it before, but at least she has it now. I’m certain she’ll keep track of it more closely this time.

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