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Looking to the Future....

Posted on the 26 December 2011 by Jimblack78
As I review my blogging in 2011 and make plans for 2012, a few changes will occur. 
The major change will be the closing down of my Comic Book Focus blog.  I am bringing my graphic novel reviews back to this blog.  I love reading comics and will continue to review them as part of Science Fiction Times.
Another change will be more commentary/history articles.  I am planning on more  articles focusing on writers and artists.  I also plan on writing more about the history of the field and commentaries about the future of science fiction.
Tentative Schedule
Sunday:  Short Story Reviews
Tuesday:  Novel/Book Reviews
Friday:  Graphic Novel Reviews
Saturday:  Television/Movie Reviews
As I finish commentaries, etc. I plan on fitting them around the regular reviews.

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