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Looking for the Best Plus Size Swimwear

By Swimsuitsdirect @Swimsuitsdirect

In many ways, the needs of customers who wear plus size clothing have been ignored by swimsuit designers. Thankfully recent seasons have seen some positive changes in this regard. There is now a greater diversity of plus size swimwear available and many of these bathing suits have been designed with enhanced coverage and support. Unfortunately, some department stores are still resistant to stocking a wide range of sizes, which leaves a large number of customers without a convenient shopping solution. Here are a few tips to help you find the bathing suit that fits your body and your style.

Independent Designers in Your Community

There are a surprising number of independent fashion designers at work today. Are there fashion shows or fashion design schools where you live? If so, you can feel certain that there are designers working in the area. A little digging into your local community may reveal a few leads. Working directly with a skilled designer whose style you love can get you a one-of-a-kind creation that will fit perfectly.

Independent Designers Online

Of course, not everyone happens to live in a fashion hotspot. Many designers are quite active online and create new lines of clothing on a regular basis. Some of the most interesting swimwear trends have come from these independent designers; a number of them produce swimwear, and some produce plus size swimwear in particular. If you like any of these styles, you can probably find an online designer that offers it:

·   Nautical

·   Retro

·   Pin-up

·   One piece

·   Bikini, tankinis, and mix-n-match

Specialty Fashion Shops

There are numerous stores catering especially to customers shopping for plus size clothing. Online storefronts are great if you do not live in a metropolitan area. This is a good way to find an exceptional selection. If you prefer shopping in person, use the Internet to find stores operating in your area. Malls and outlet stores are likely to have a better selection than department stores, too.

Persistence Pays Off

Finding the ideal bathing suit can be a challenge but once you have succeeded, all that work will be worth it. 

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