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Looking For Crocodiles

By Landfall @landfallvoyages

One of the first things we saw after pulling into Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay, was a little African Queen-type tour boat that’ll take you deep into the mangrove swamps so you can maybe see some crocodiles. Eli was all, “That’s kind of cool, but we can totally do that in the dinghy for free.” That’s my boy! Right after we took off, the blue sky started getting edged out by puffy grey cloudcover, and by the time we reached the end of the navigable waterway, we were being pelted by big fat raindrops. We saw so many cool things–iguanas and pelicans perched in the trees, little red crabs near their burrows, enormous strange growths on this one ancient tree, and tons of birds. We found lots of places where a crocodile might snooze in the cool mud or  hunt in the murky deeps, but never actually laid eyes on a croc. For a month or so, I thought it might be more of a marketing ploy than something you’d really get to see, then we found out they’d had to close the beach at the resort because a crocodile decided to cozy up to the tourists. Yum!

crocs 12 Looking For Crocodiles

Seriously. They roost right next to each other and everybody’s happy.

crocs 9 Looking For Crocodiles

crocs 7 Looking For Crocodiles

Cool nest that Eli spotted.

crocs 6 Looking For Crocodiles

One of the places where people probably actually live.

crocs 5 Looking For Crocodiles

Skiff and canoe parking under the bridge.

crocs 4 Looking For Crocodiles

Nala just figured out there are dolphins inside the pen in front of her.

crocs 3 Looking For Crocodiles

That sign to the left is a warning that you shouldn’t swim, feed, or play with the crocodiles.

crocs 2 Looking For Crocodiles

Playing around with some Photoshop filters ;-) Iguana convention in the trees.

crocs 1 Looking For Crocodiles

Imagine coming home to this every day!

croc 11 Looking For Crocodiles

There are so many iguanas in the trees it just blew the poor dog’s mind. In the trees!

croc 10 Looking For Crocodiles

There are estates all over, behind the marina. Some of them looked like rentals, others seemed more lived in.

croc 9 Looking For Crocodiles

croc 8 Looking For Crocodiles

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