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Paranormal Boat Moment

By Landfall @landfallvoyages

This was a reply of mine to the question "Have you ever had anything weird, ghostly, or paranormal happen aboard a boat?"

Only once. We were living on a trimaran in Morro Bay when my Eli was an infant. Before his tracheostomy. We had a small AC/DC tv. We were watching whatever crap was on NBC that night, the only channel that came in well, and the tv faded out. Our batteries were full and the connections were good, and it hadn't turned off like it normally would, but rather the picture shrunk to a tiny point in the middle of the screen. I pressed the power button several times but nothing happened. The white point was still there. After about one minute, the point expanded to a picture of sorts. It was a cartoon clown but with only a dark tv screen background. As though that point had become the clown head and torso and the rest of the screen was dead. It was a really scary clown. Still for several seconds, and then it began to move. It looked directly at us. Pointed at us, and grew angrier. It was the most dangerous, hateful looking thing that I'd ever seen. It started shouting, but there was no sound at all. It was pointing, gesticulating, screaming really bad things at us that we couldn't hear or understand. Spit flew from it's mouth as it threatened and yelled and thrust it's arms out at us. It began foaming at the mouth and was moving faster and faster, angrier and angrier, murderous. It wanted to torture us and kill us. Faster and faster until it became a blur and then it shrunk back down to a point again. I had pressed all the buttons trying to turn off the tv or change the channel, I had unplugged it and plugged it back in, but nothing mattered. After 30 seconds the point disappeared and the tv made that gunk-crackle sound that the old CRT tvs made and Jeopardy or whatever came back on. I have no explanation for what it could have been. No theories. 100% true and both my Tamiko and I saw exactly the same thing.

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