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Lonely Japanese Students Creates Hugging ‘Girlfriend Coat’

Posted on the 11 April 2013 by Nrjperera @nrjperera


Everyone knows that Japanese people are really, really smart. That’s because they never care about anything else other than studies and math. Although, a group of students at university of Tsukuba, Japan started to feel a little lonely. So, instead of finding a girl, they have designed a coat that simulate hugs to keep them company. Pretty nerdy, eh.

Behold, the ’Girlfriend Coat’. When wearing it will make you feel like someone’s hugging you from behind while a female voice whispers “Sorry, I’m late.” in your ear via the headphones. As creepy and pathetic as it may sound, these guys seems to be really enjoying it. Check it out on the video after the break.

I really feel sorry for these poor kids. They’ll never know how it really feels to hug a girl, even after this invention. I think this is why Japan is failing to compete with latest technologies. They are busy inventing stuff like this.

[Via: Geekologie / YouTube]
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Roshan Jerad Perera

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