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London Grammar’s New Track ‘interlude’ [stream]

Posted on the 23 August 2013 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie


post player play black LONDON GRAMMARS NEW TRACK INTERLUDE [STREAM] post player play LONDON GRAMMARS NEW TRACK INTERLUDE [STREAM] London Grammar – Interlude SoundCloud

By the beginning of August, my autumn antsiness begins to kick in full force with that first hint of a crisp breeze brushing my cheek. More often than not, it’s actually strong air conditioning bursting through open doors of luxury condos, but once fall enters my mind, there’s only one thing I can focus on: what on earth will be as the weather cools?!

Melancholic and mournful, the new London Grammar song, “Interlude”, gives me that shiver that I yearn for so much in the sticky heat of summer’s end. Perhaps inspired by all of those gray London skies, this somber tune’s charm is rooted in the restraint of the band’s musicianship — the piano chimes simply and delicately throughout the whole song, with minimal percussive intervention and only the occasional atmospheric guitar riff. The song has a good deal of breathing room to spotlight Hannah Reid’s vocals, yet she, too, shows restraint in her vocal performance, making this elegy seem completely effortless. The band swells towards a climactic moment near the end of the song, but it only teases, and doesn’t last very long before returning to its initial ambience. If you’re like me, and are ready for the chill of Autumn, get ready, because “Interlude” will help you get there.

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