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Lois and Clark Spiritual Beings in a Human World!

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

We are often asked how do you incorporate your human lives with your spiritual lives, for example a woman recently asked me how do you live your daily life in spirituality when the bills need paid the dishes need done the kids need fed ect.  My answer to her question is We are not Humans in a Spiritual world, we are Spiritual beings in a human world, we personally don’t allow the human world to dictate us spiritually, now that being said do we fail sometimes? yes we do, we both sometimes realize our mind noise is dictating our actions and we need to snap out of it.

Clark and I have a family, we do have “Human” activities we have to do, The housework, the bills ect we dont float around on a perfect little cloud spreading fairy dust on our home and everything magically gets done lol. I guess the difference she was referring to was how we do those tasks spiritually, well we do them together. There is no one sided relationship that will ever work, Togetherness is what we longed for and baby its what we got!  There is not much we dont do together, we eat together, we sleep together,we work together we share the same phone, the same e mail, we really dont do much separate from one another… Do we disagree some,,, yes we do, however its not nearly what you would “think” Clark and I do not have “fights” we have disagreements we get through them quickly.

In the past 2 years we have both been led to leave the “human” work force and begin our Journey doing what we are supposed to be doing, Which is helping others along in their Journey, Bringing more Peace into Relationships and Families. Teaching the Love of Self, Teaching others the Power of the Now, Guiding those who feel they have a mountain in front of them, and those who have fallen and feel there is nothing more. Its never draining, Its never Boring, Its always rewarding.

Remaining in a Spiritual state of being, Its just keeping peace inside of yourself, Its simple,when we are doing the housework in peace with no mind noise of what is coming, what we need to do next, what bill is due, what family drama is coming about, when we just do it, in the moment, in peace that to us is remaining spiritual in a human world. When the human things come about and we take just 5 mins alone and just shut the mind down leave the room to go meditate, That is staying spiritual in a human world. When we let the family drama handle itself and we dont add any fuel to it, when we inject peace and unconditional love instead, That is staying spiritual in a human world. When we stop and just dance in the middle of the room no mater who is there, That is staying spiritual in a human world.

Just remaining in the moment,loving one another unconditionally, not sweating the small stuff, and remaining together and on the same page in every situation, that is how we stay in our spirituality, We lay our heads down at night together in peace and just like the Lotus, the next day is brand new and we open up to a whole new world! Spiritual Beings in a Human world!


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