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Locked Out Again. Writer's Workshop.

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh

Almost every dayafter picking up Master M, I would have to stop at the grocery store to pick upthis or that.  Maybe we were out of milk,bread, or snacks for me to pack for M's lunch. It was always such a juggling act especially when I couldn't findparking near the grocery cart return.  Ohand don't even let it be a cold day. 
Before M graduatedto a convertible car seat, I used the travel system for everything.  The last thing I wanted to do was mess aroundstrapping and unstrapping him out of the car seat.  So, instead of using the shopping cart, formost visits, I used the stroller system and just attached his car seat to thestroller and be on my way. 
You know theroutine. 
Park the car.  Pop the trunk.  Get out of the car.  Take the stroller out of the trunk.  Get the baby. Lock the car seat in the stroller. Go shopping.
Most shopping tripsare pretty much the same for me.  Organicmilk … check.  Organic yogurt …check.  Another set of sippy cups… check.  Hmm cookies …. Check.  And we're done.
Heading back to thecar I reach in my purse for my keys.  Nokeys.  I check again.  No keys. I check the stroller compartments. No keys. 
Damn.  I locked myself out of my car.  Again. This week.  In the same way.
See, I have a badhabit of putting my car keys on the inner seam of the trunk while getting thestroller out.  Twice in the same week,I've done this and locked my keys in the trunk. This was the second time.  Thesilliest part is that both times I was close to home.  Heck, the first time it happened I wasactually right outside my condo.  Thistime I was 2 blocks away from home.
So there I was, withgroceries, and a baby, standing outside my car, waiting for a locksmith.  Lucky for me the weather wasn't bad.
I should really haveAAA on speed dial by now.  
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