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Living Zen: Put Your Mind to It.

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

Living Zen:  Put your mind to it.

Bottling up your feelings, dwelling on them, or being afraid of them is very harmful to not only your mental health, but your physical health as well.   With practice you can stop doing this!  People may say “easier said than done”, and this might be true if you are not willing to be persistent and stick to your goal of letting go of unhealthy feelings.  But you ARE strong and you CAN let go of these negative thoughts and feelings!  It’s not a secret, you have the ability built right in to you!  Allow yourself to experience the emotion, and then tell yourself you are finished thinking of it.  Then turn your attention to something else, something positive. There’s no reason to allow yourself to bothered by something someone said, all day long, when what has been said is over and done with.  You experience what happened, and you choose to let it fester, or to move on to something more positive.

Some might be reading this and thinking I’m crazy, this is impossible.  It’s really not impossible.  Just the same as you have the ability to pull up a thought of something that is negative, you also have the ability at any time to pull up a thought that is positive.  You can turn your attention to negative OR positive at any time.

Which one will you give your attention to?

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