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Living With Little

By The Contender @The__Contender

Living With Little

Living with less infographic from mnn

While this site may not expose extreme very early financial independence by cutting expenses to nothing, bartering and being generally addicted to the end goal there are some really extreme examples of what you can achieve out there.
One article that recently caught the CoNTeNDeRs eye was 6 fascinating people who own almost nothing. Owning almost nothing -  very impressive try that one with two kids! Here are just a few of the benefits of this.
  1. No need for an oversized house to keep the stuff in and any moving costs
  2. No need to heat a huge house the list of savings apart from energy are daunting
  3. No consumer tendencies to waste money on stuff - you have nowhere to put it and you don't need it
  4. As you are no longer a hostage to your stuff you need to have activities that are physically or mentally stimulation to keep you 'entertained'
All of these points are a dream for extreme financial independence and getting to know oneself. At the same time it doesn't cost the earth to do it Why we need to live with less infographic.
How extreme could you go?
Peace, prosperity and happiness
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