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Living in the Present

Posted on the 26 October 2012 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Living in the PresentI feel when talking about sustainability we often look to the future for our solutions.  Transportation issues will be solved with increased technology because eventually someone will create an affordable car that doesn’t require oil.  Energy issues will be solved with increased technology because then solar will be more affordable.  The hunger issue will be solved because eventually science will create a crop that is actually drought resistant and doesn’t require pesticides.

The list of environmental issues that need to be solved but are being put off can go on and on. When I say this I mean we are not focusing on them.  Instead we focus on other issues that are often related to sustainability (the economy, political issues, etc.)  When really we need to focus on sustainability and the present.  The decisions and actions we make each day are very important.
What we choose to eat (organic, local, seasonal, or vegetarian), the transportation we choose (bike, bus, or car), every decision we make impacts the environment.  I personally feel that until we fully realize this, sustainability is not obtainable and is just another term we will continue to further discuss into the ground.  Often while working on my master’s degree I felt we just kept talking about possibilities and solutions instead of taking meaningful action.  It often left me feeling guilty for continuing my education, but that is another issue.

I will be doing what I can as an individual by making the best decision I can that are sustainable.  Hopefully this can turn into something bigger down the line.

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