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Living a Heart-Centered Life

By Soulthriller

holding hands with love

A extraordinary planetary consciousness shift is occurring. The tell-tale signs of an emerging world-view are now being seen more clearly as humanity moves forward into the future. The things that bring us closer to realizing the deep connection between all aspects of life and reality are the same things that nudge us forward, as a collective consciousness, towards a social transformation that may be unlike any ever seen in human history. This consciousness shift and emergence of a new world-view have at their core the idea of living a heart-centered life.

Heart-based living takes into account natural ethics and the connection between everyone and everything. In all that we do, love should be the guiding state of consciousness, not fear. With the conscious and intentional evolution of human consciousness that comes about with a shift towards such a way of life, everybody benefits. We are in this together through the underlying interconnection between each other and whatever one person does, affects the other. It is in every single person’s own best interests that everyone else makes the quantum leap into the unity-oriented domain of consciousness. Do we wish to see a bright future or a kind of dystopia? The choice is ours. Live a heart-centered life and see the vectors of human becoming flower into impressionable wonderment.

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