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Last week, while preparing for Thanksgiving, we made some major strides on improving our living space.  Finally buying a couch, my parents giving us an early Christmas present of a TV, and rearranging everything has seriously made me love our little apartment a little more.  It still has a ways to go, but I'm proud enough of it now to share some pictures.  Enjoy!

PS - last night we also drank egg nog, hummed holiday songs, and put our first Christmas tree up.  We actually bought the tree together for my old bedroom in Chattanooga years ago.  We were afraid it might be a little barren (it's not a very expensive tree), but we were quite pleased with it when all was said and done.  Creating memories in this little apartment together may be my favorite part of this holiday season.



[If you follow me on Twitter, you know we were watching a Star Wars marathon. Nerds.]



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