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Little Birthday Girl

By Leonied
My baby girl turned two in the last couple of weeks... How did that happen?
Little Birthday Girl
We had a very low key celebration and played the day by ear - friends, cake, pressies, the zoo, rain, bubbles, phone calls and a movie.
Little Birthday Girl
I get all hormonal and tearful sometimes when I think about my babies growing up... and I know I'm not alone in this.  It's not that I don't want them to or because I don't enjoy the next stage, No.  I have loved every stage and every step and I have no doubt I will continue to enjoy each new phase.
Little Birthday Girl
I think it's more about the fleetingness of this time.  Being little and childhood only lasts for a very short time relatively.  We are grown-ups for most of our lives and although there are many exciting things that come with the territory, it is pretty much what it is for years and years.  Gone is the innocence, the cutesy talk, the dependence, the freedom, the purity, the soft squishy cuddles and the careless fun.  Before we know it our children join us and the ranks of grown-ups in the responsibilities of life that is often more complicated and tricky than it needs to be.
Little Birthday Girl
Boy that sounds morbid... it's not meant to be.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want to celebrate their childhood as much as, and for as long as, I can.  That is before we move on to celebrating their teens and adulthood!
Happy Birthday Baby Girl : )
L x
Joining in with Miriam :)
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