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Little Bakers

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
I heard the girls go downstairs this morning before my husband and I were out of bed.  I heard the dog crate open and the dog bark because he wanted them to play with him.  Then it was quiet for a while until we heard the kitchen faucet turn on.  This should have been a clue that they were up to something, but let's just say I can be a little slow first thing in the morning.
As soon as I made it down the stairs, I could smell something.  I just couldn't figure out what it was.  It turns out that the girls were busy in the kitchen.  They made a cake.  As they explained it, they "improved" the recipe by adding some vanilla, chocolate milk, sugar and a chocolate candy bar.  In addition, they put it in the silicone giant cupcake baking form.  By themselves they figured out how to program the oven and put the baking form into the oven. The smell in the house was the cake baking. 
They proudly pointed out that they put the egg shells in the compost container and washed their hands with soap after breaking the eggs.  They also asked us to move the hot pads down since they needed them to bake, but couldn't reach the cabinet, even standing on a chair.
It took a long time for the cake to bake due to the extra liquid in the mix.  It was barely ready before the girls left for school.  The blond twin told us we could frost the cake while they were gone, but we were not to eat it until they came home from school.
After school we'll enjoy their cake and set some new ground rules for baking.  Of course, this assumes we can get the cake out of the silicone baking form.  They didn't put any cooking spray in it.  We might just enjoy the cake directly out of the pan.

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