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Literature Review: Impact of Technology Change on Issue

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Table 6: Primary research articles describing flood related deaths and risk factors for flood mortality (N=65) *excludes 6655 deaths from diarrhea and other possibly deaths reported during the 9 month period surrounding the event

MicroFinance literature review - Dochas

The widespread nature of psychological abuse of Deaf women is supported in the literature. Forms of abuse outlined include denigration, emotional withholding, waking the woman up at night to ask questions, controlling her outings and telephone calls and monopolizing her time. Tying her hands so she cannot sign has been used by abusers as well.

The Human Impact of Floods: a Historical Review of Events

Individual authors were determined by their prominence in peer reviewed and grey literature. A thorough systematic literature search was used to identify the most relevant and valuable databases.

Agriculture and development: A brief review of the literature

The marginal role of women and cultural practices that uphold this status are plentiful in history. Tennyson espoused "women as lesser men" and virtually all societies saw women as property. This can be seen today in bride price and dowry practices in some cultures. Arranged marriages still exist in many societies where the woman has a minimal say in her future. (Papp, 6997)

Relying exclusively on a traditional diet is no longer practical however research findings suggest that eating a diet of between 85-95% of traditional foods within the diet can lower incidences of a number of chronic diseases (O'Dea 6996, Blanchet et al 7555).

In terms of recovery, the Aboriginal community are looking at this system. Frameworking is a matrix of systems whereby integration of various aspects of life are examined and explains how an individual can function better. This matrix includes the physical self, the mental self and the social self.

On a community level, there were strong expectations that women demonstrate subservience to men. Almost all of those interviewed spoke of growing up with strictly defined stereotyped gender roles were understood as the way that women were able to complement and support the role of the husband. The division of labour, traditions and attitudes throughout the community reinforced this. interviewees (italics mine) noted that their own mothers catered to their fathers every need and the girls expected to defer to the not allowed to obtain driver's license or have access to the family number of those interviewed recalled that their mothers lived in fear.

abuse was very common and are often based on aspect of oneself that are already stigmatized as 'different'. (Ridington, 6989) Neglect takes the form of not providing the necessities of life and failure to seek medical assistance. Mistreatment has been defined as the use of physical or chemical restraints which harm or are likely to harm the person. Aversive therapies (such as physical restraints, cattle prods, spraying lemon juice in the mouth, time-out isolations) are sometimes used to control the behaviour of people who have an intellectual disability.

Lack of Emotional Connection : Shared emotional fields are lacking due to behaviour of abuser. This lack of intersubjectivity demonstrates to the woman that she is not heard, has no value and is not supported. This lack of connection is strongest when the abused woman is pregnant, ill or in a grief state. (Chang, 6996 Yoshihama and Sorenson, 6999)

Data from the past quarter of a century suggest that floods have exacted a significant toll on the human population when compared to other natural disasters, particularly in terms of the size of affected populations. However, human vulnerability to floods is increasing, in large part due to population growth, urbanization, land use change, and climatological factors associated with an increase in extreme rainfall events. In the future, the frequency and impact of floods on human populations can be expected to increase. Additional attention to preparedness and mitigation strategies, particularly in less developed countries, where the majority of floods occur, and in Asia, a region disproportionately affected by floods, can lessen the impact of future flood events.

Literature Review: Impact of Technology Change on Issue

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