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Lister Petter Engines And Generators Are Trusted

By Futli @futlim

Lister Petter is a British company, known around the world for manufacturing various reliable, premium diesel engines and quality generators. Lister generators can be used for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Products produced by Lister Petter are very popular because they are extremely rugged and have a long life expectancy.

Depending on the size of a Lister generator, and the maintenance it receives, it is not unreasonable to expect that a unit will run for at least 20 – 30,000 hours before it will need its first major overhaul.

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For the longest time, Lister Petter built durable diesel engines, but has now added propane and natural gas fueled models to its production line. Since 1984, the company has also been producing generating sets, which was a tremendous success. By 1999, they were listed as the third largest assembler of stationary industrial generator sets in the world, in the 5kW to 20kW range. And if that is not enough; the British corporation is also becoming a key manufacturer of heavy duty industrial engine generator sets. These are equipped with features, such as:

• A radiator-cooled engine with pusher fan

• An integral base frame

• A large fuel tank

• Battery cables plus hold down

• Vibration isolators

• 12 Volt electric start with belt driven battery charging alternator

• A medium duty air cleaner

• Engine mounted muffler with rain cap

• A mechanical fuel pump

• Fan and belt guard

• Main line circuit breaker

• Close coupled flexible plate drive AVR alternator

Generator controls with auto start, which are standard, can be started manually, or through remote contacts, appropriate for automatic transfer switches. Control panels generally include an hour meter, automatic starter disconnect, a 3-position run/off/auto rocker switch, as well as high engine temperature, and low oil pressure shutdowns.

Lister generators can be used for residential and commercial applications as a prime source for electricity or as a reliable backup whenever power outages occur. Some companies rely on power to do business, and losing electricity, even for a short period of time, can be devastating. Just imagine how you would feel being stuck in an elevator for hours, and no way out!

Lister Petter understands that there is a need for various kinds of generators, and that one Lister generator type is not enough to cover all the requirements today’s consumers express. It is an excellent reason to put engineers to work and create even more advanced and longer lasting engines and generators.

The engines produced by Lister Petter are not only used in generators, but also in stationary industrial applications. They are quite suitable as pumping equipment or to generate electricity. Some of these generator sets are designed especially for purposes such as welding, in-house pumping, or irrigation projects. Some of the company’s engines are even used in marine applications. These engines are very powerful and extremely reliable.

Individuals, as well as business owners who are considering purchasing a Lister generator, will not regret their decision. Their unit will run efficiently, and much longer than any other competitive model.

Lister Petter Engines And Generators Are Trusted

One of the most renowned and trusted generator manufacturers, Lister Petter is supplied in Australia by Welling & Crossley. For a large range and the best Lister generator for your needs, contact W&C.

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