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Listening Between The Lines

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Today I realized just how good I have gotten at "listening between the lines". The boys may actually put sentences together that most would understand and think were true statements, but I hear what they really mean. I have decided to compile examples just for kicks. Enjoy.....`
I can't find it.~ Translation~ I have not looked, nor do I plan too because I know you will and thats eaisier for me and my lazy arse.
 Evyn did it. ~Translation~ I did it, but I know I can blame it on the baby cause he can get away with murder.
Somebody stole it ~Translation~ It was theirs to begin with. I stole it from them, then they found it in my possession and took it back..
Yes, I cleaned my room.~Translation~I thought about it then decided against it. There are too many of us pulling you in 20 differnt directions for you to actually go look today. If I'm lucky you wont actually check till next Tuesday.
 No, I did not flush toilet paper down the camode and cause it to over flow. ~Translation~ Yes, I used a whole role and threw it all in the camode. I saw it wasnt gonna flush so I used your tooth brush to help shove it down. I then lured the baby in the bathroom and ran because I knew you'd just laugh if he had of done it.
 Maaamaaaaa!! ~Translation~ (insert 1 of 4 boys names)  hit me!
I'm full. ~Translation~ I'm going to wait until you tell me to go to bed, then I'm gonna claim to be starving.
I love you, Momma. ~Translation~ Can I go to Poppy's?

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