List of Rent a Car Companies in Dubai

Posted on the 12 June 2018 by Abdulamex

In a country like Dubai, you can find many companies in direct competition with each other. The same is the case for the rental car industry. Several companies offer rental services, and if we try to provide you with a list of rent a car company in Dubai UAE, it will run very long and still keep going. While there are significant players in the market like Sixt, Thrifty, and Shift. We are here to talk about the most significant player in Dubai in the rental cars scene which is

While this company has been in Dubai for a while now, they have generated an enormous amount of market share for themselves in this highly competitive market. They have done this by consistently providing a high-quality service at a lower rate. Also, their website contains several models and makes various cars which makes it easier for you to choose the best suitable option for you.

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This is one of those rare Rent a Car Companies that also provides a free delivery service which means that it will deliver your booked rent a car for free at your desired location. In short, customer service is their highest priority, and they consistently outdo the competition by providing an excellent service and better prices.

Their website provides comprehensive information about the cars and their features, as well as provides a detailed overview of the promotions available. They regularly hold promotions and deals which offer discounts of up to 75% on monthly car rental payments. This is just a way to show the customers how important they are to the company. is a well-known name in the greater rental car industry in Dubai, and as such it provides an excellent opportunity to get rental cars in a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

List of Rent a Car Companies in Dubai

In Dubai, it’s essential to have a car, and it’s expensive to buy one because the cost of living in the country is higher than most places. That is the reason why the rental car industry is on the rise in Dubai. Like we mentioned above the list of companies is huge but not all of them are true and real. If you are a tourist, it’s better to stay away from the suspicious looking websites that don’t offer any real information about the company or the car being rented.

Good companies like and others, provide a comprehensive detail about the car in question and also give you lots of other options. Good companies have an excellent customer service streak and display good ratings on the website. In short, there are only particular companies in Dubai that can be trusted with delivering you your rent a car on time at your desired location. And only particular companies are the ones that you should go for like Many other companies like Sixt, Thrifty, etc. also provide an excellent service. However, is an excellent choice.

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