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Liquid Gold....

By Slvintage @SLVintage

LIQUID GOLD....What a nice long weekend we just had.  The weather was picture perfect.  On one of the days, Husband and I headed towards our own wine country in southern Ontario to pick-up some bottles that were ordered a few months ago.  We didn't go into the heart of the land, but to an area called Jordan / Vineland.  Some of the wineries in this area are newer, less than 2 decades running.  The grapes may be new year to year, but the aged vines can speak volumes.  They sat quietly, like obedient solders, all lined up nicely, resting in the sun.


That's me!  At Kacaba Winery

When we talk about vintage,  I couldn't ignore all the amazing wines which are now considered liquid gold.  Although I am a firm believer of "I drink what I like, even if it's a $2 bottle from the grocery store", there is something to be said for respecting older vintages and their histories.
At present, world vintages from the 1960's can cost you a couple of hundred dollars to more than $10,000!  According to the anniversary vintage chart, you can safely go by the following list for stocking your next luxury cellar:
-1900 Excellent Bordeaux. Will cost a fortune.
-1910 Very good vintage all round, tipped for Armagnac and Cognac.
-1920 Fine vintage in Bordeaux. Top wines should be very good.
-1930 Poor Bordeaux year, so back to Cognac and Armagnac once more.
-1940 Very good Bordeaux, short supply.
-1950 Good vintage, even better for the top wines. VG Port.
-1960 A decent but light vintage. Most wines past it. Port good but fading.
-1970 Great for Port, top wines only now in Bordeaux, Rhône and California
-1980 A poor year in most of Europe and past it. California & Australia better
There are so few certainties in life.  I'd like to think that there's more to that list than death and taxes.  The value of a good vintage wine, whether that be appreciated on your palette or in your pocket books, should be included.  If you can share that with good friends and family, then the vintage experience becomes invaluable.
As the cheesy commercial says "be thirsty my friends".

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