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LipSense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Colour

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
Well that was a mouthful! 
I was very lucky to be sent the LipSense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Colour to try out.  This product is designed to be super long lasting and yet really pigmented and glossy at the same time. 
LipSense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Colour  Here are my thoughts:
Packaging The packaging of this is quite simple with a Gold lid and blue labels.  This is a 2 step system and so you get the lip color in one tube and in the other is a high shine moisturising gloss. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the packaging, I think it lacks imagination and seeing as I'm a sucker for a gimmick and some fancy packaging, I was quite let down by the packaging all in all.
SmellThis might not seem like something important to you but to me I am easily put off by a product if the smell isn't good and on this occasion, the product smells a lot like a permanent marker! I really dislike the smell and so at this stage I was really hoping the product quality makes up for the smell and poor packaging.
ColourThere are a whopping 40 shades available which is really impressive! The color I chose was 'Luv It' and the color on the website is different to the color that arrives although I would say that this is a common problem with all lip colours when you order online. The color is a coral-pink with a pearly finish. The color applies onto the lips well but as recommended on the tube, for a full coverage you should apply one layer, let it dry and then apply a second layer and you will get a really great full coverage.
FinishThe finish of this is matte, it's more like a lip stain than a lipstick or anything else which is what I expected, but when you apply the gloss on top this is like a high shine lipstick or gloss and I actually really liked it. The gloss was really sticky to begin with but once it settled on the lips this was like liquid silicone and I really liked it. 
Just how long lasting is it?Well this claims to be kiss, drink and pout proof and I have to say the color stayed put on my lips and I didn't notice any transferring onto my teeth or anything which is great.  I would say the color is much more long lasting than the gloss so I would recommend reapplying the gloss as and when you feel the need to.
Final Thoughts?I like this product because I definitely think this would work wonders on a night out but for me I wouldn't rush out to purchase the rest of the shades. At £22 these are quite pricey and while I'm sure there's a lot of science and whatnot behind it, I'm not sure it's worth the price.
Have you tried the LipSense products? 
You can view & buy these by clicking here.
All My Love..
Holly xxx

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