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By Maggiemcneill @Maggie_McNeill

Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me.  –  Angelo Quinto, last words

Some weeks I find a video worth sharing in the same way as I find other links, and some weeks I have to turn one up by myself.  Most weeks the videos are fairly substantial, but occasionally they’re just little moments like this very funny one contributed by Emma Evans, who also provided “what they are”.  The other links above the video are from Cop Crisis, Radley Balko (x2), Popehat, and Mark Bennett, in that order.

From the Archives

  • Never underestimate the human capacity to obsess about the nonexistent.
  • Government invents a new excuse for violently intruding on private lives.
  • Dutch “authorities” pretend Disnification is intended to help sex workers.
  • Fascists don’t want their surveillance powers limited by mere civil rights.
  • Cops will never stop doing this as long as the state gives them pretexts.
  • Just letting sex workers see clients in private never occurs to the Dutch.
  • Propaganda blatantly derived from the sexual fantasies of truck drivers.
  • Are the Japanese the only people left who can tell fantasy from reality?
  • Remember this when cops start bloviating about “dangerous criminals”.
  • Yet another registration regime fails miserably, as we keep telling y’all.
  • I’m really happy to see Uber hoist with its own “sex trafficking” petard.
  • “Anti-trafficking” pogroms target massage parlors as low-hanging fruit.
  • Fetishists masturbate to fantasy that emojis are part of a pimp “code”.
  • King County should consult Matthew 7:3 for its “sex trafficking” policy.
  • Where there are men making money, there will be women selling sex.
  • A cop shares his sick masturbatory fantasies about Asian sex workers.
  • Cops describe a massage parlor pogrom with an avalanche of bullshit.
  • Why local laws banning surveillance technology are feel-good bullshit.
  • We haven’t seen this concentration of ludicrous claims in a while now.
  • A rare case of “authorities” actually charging a serial rapist of escorts.
  • SCOTUS demolishes a major pillar of government extortion schemes.
  • This is at least the fifth iteration we’ve seen of this same inane stunt.
  • Why does California want to destroy or drive out a lucrative industry?
  • Though pimps are uncommon, many of those who do exist are cops.
  • The government keeps making up new rules in its war on thought.
  • Destroying sex workers’ safety net, one “improvement” at a time.
  • Even reporters of these abuses insist on calling them “correction”.
  • Two previous columns for International Sex Worker Rights Day.
  • Headed toward the end of the hysteria, albeit 3 or 4 years late.
  • Cops, absurdism, Blondie, Hieronymus Bosch, and much more.
  • A nursing home director explores a deceased patient’s secret.
  • A psychiatrist who has sex with patients is a dangerous fool.
  • AirBnB regrets joining the hotel industry’s eager copsucking.
  • Using “gayness tests” to deport refugees spreads to the UK.
  • Retrospectives of my blogging for February 2016 and 2017.
  • The alternative press doesn’t mindlessly parrot copaganda.
  • You amateurs really think being spied on like this is OK?
  • Internet companies rushing toward self-lobotomization.
  • “The law is the law and if more people die, tough shit.“
  • Cops, Florida, presidents, Peter Tork and much more.
  • The dystopian future of Minority Report has arrived.
  • 2011’s fantasy scenario is today’s hysterical reality.
  • How do I connect with other escorts in my area?
  • Thai sex worker activists are made of awesome.
  • Another example of Copmala’s odiousness.
  • Ugandan sex workers demand their rights.
  • Rapist cops of the week, 2019 and 2020.
  • A small but important victory in Canada.
  • Quite a good week despite my brain.
  • My previous columns for Mardi Gras.
  • Eros is whistling past the graveyard.
  • If a “study” sounds benign to you…
  • I’m sure you feel safer now.
  • The successors of Tumblr.
  • A quadrennial occasion.

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