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By Maggiemcneill @Maggie_McNeill

Pretending that ordinary incidents are dangerous and ordinary objects are toxic recalibrates reality.  –  Lenore Skenazy

I’m really pleased to see that others are beginning to mock the kindergarten pretense that there is some meaningful difference between authoritarians who call themselves “left” and those who take the label “right”.  We’ve seen these guys before, but this example was provided by Franklin Harris; the links above it are from Lenore Skenazy, Emma Evans, Cop Crisis, Walter Olson, Amy Alkon, and Emma again, in that order.

From the Archives

  • Prohibitionists know we’re right about criminalization; they just don’t care.
  • When migration control disguised as “sex trafficking” law is very apparent.
  • Prohibitionists never let nonexistence stop them from banning something.
  • The numbers are so low, fetishists want cops to manufacture larger ones.
  • “Sex trafficking” is another excuse to persecute the same groups as ever.
  • They’re not only giving cops your info, but selling it to companies as well.
  • AirBnB “invest[s] in new technology” to discriminate against sex workers.
  • The public believes anything it sees on billboards, no matter how absurd.
  • More on the prohibitionist shitshow New York calls “sex trafficking court”.
  • Corporations are becoming the favored tool of censors around the world.
  • He had to show how big his dick is by delaying her release for 7 months.
  • Bigots claim transwomen will sexually assault ciswomen in public toilets.
  • Some helpful figures for countering prohibitionists’ agency-negating lies.
  • The only ones who still believe these tales are cops, politicians & the AP.
  • 41% of cops admit to beating their wives. Some don’t stop with beating.
  • The Danes just keep emphasizing their disgust with the Swedish model.
  • The scheme to deny sex workers healthcare adds intrusive surveillance.
  • The writer of this article appears to understand very little about politics.
  • Until prohibition is itself outlawed, decriminalization is a temporary fix.
  • Lingerie fetishist offers women a pragmatic avenue of harm reduction.
  • Florida prosecutors have apparently realized how desperate they look.
  • Dutch authorities pretend registration is intended to help sex workers.
  • Cops, war, metaphors, Buck Henry, Michael Jackson, and much more.
  • Philippine cops “rescue” Chinese women from lucrative employment.
  • Canberra is infested with prohibitionists, many of them in the police.
  • When a headline asks a question, the answer is almost always “no”.
  • Government is just a word for the things we choose to do together.
  • Amateurs’ fantasies about “sex traffickers” are growing ever sillier.
  • Cops, aliens, protest, Mongols, toilets, prohibition and much more.
  • Why wasn’t it “a step too far” when they started doing it in 2016?
  • After a long slump, “King of the Hill” claims are again increasing.
  • “Sex work under ‘legalisation’ is still…conceived of as a crime“.
  • In mass surveillance, fascism beats communism hands down.
  • Send not to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.
  • Sex shaming isn’t “modern”; it’s literally prehistoric.
  • Not quite an example of the McNeill Rule, but close.
  • Can an asexual woman make it as a sex worker?
  • This is just the “Facebook pimps” myth again.
  • Answer: it’s a rationalization of cop behavior.
  • Public masturbation on the gravy train.
  • The puritanism just keeps increasing.
  • A backup against Twitter censorship.
  • Prohibitionism never, ever changes.
  • Progress on my various projects.
  • The Fourth Tower of Inverness.
  • On course for semi-retirement.
  • A poem about yours truly.
  • Rapist cop of the week.
  • Population 28,486.

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