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By Maggiemcneill @Maggie_McNeill

The blast blasted blubber beyond all reasonable bounds.  –  Paul Linnman

Since last week was the 50th anniversary of the infamous Exploding Whale of Oregon, Mike Siegel felt this video should be posted to commemorate it.  He also provided “restoration” below, and the other links are from Walter Olson, Cop Crisis, Scott Greenfield, Amy Alkon, and Boatfloating, in that order.

From the Archives

  • It’s rare for a US court to uphold the Constitution against the government.
  • Your “leaders” will use any excuse to further empower cops to rob people.
  • A toiletful of myths, lies, fascist cheerleading & other assorted sociopathy.
  • Prohibition turns bodies into “crime scenes” which cops can violate at will.
  • 41% of cops admit to beating their wives.  Some don’t stop with beating.
  • Will they quietly muscle power away from him as PA is doing to Krasner?
  • Americans suffer from a peculiar and characteristic ignorance of history.
  • More “sex slave” fantasies from Dominique “Body Fluids” Roe-Sepowitz.
  • If Democrats cared about human rights, this would be in their platform.
  • Politicians dislike policies that oppose their harm magnification agenda.
  • We’re so lucky to have these brave heroes to protect us from refugees.
  • FBI intentionally destroyed exculpatory evidence in the Backpage case.
  • They want to cage a man for 20 years for fictional character drawings.
  • Swedish model regimes would’ve targeted the victim for surveillance.
  • The press, partying like it’s 1999 & nobody’s heard of escort reviews.
  • “Rescued” means “arrested” & “safe” means “caged for deportation”.
  • Politicians send rapist thugs to advance vain Disnification campaign.
  • “Xi urged the party to emulate aspects of America’s ‘war on terror’”.
  • When a headline asks a question, the answer is nearly always “no”.
  • Offering a whore only $40 is indeed attempted sexual exploitation.
  • Why can’t people choose a government as they choose a religion?
  • The natural result of widespread kowtowing to the heckler’s veto.
  • In the Puritan US, pictures are considered worse than actual sex.
  • How countries with healthy ideas about sex react to moral panic.
  • Unlike Americans, Hong Kongers know tyranny when they see it.
  • They aren’t really having less sex; they’re just admitting it less.
  • Since this is suburban Seattle, I could’ve done this one stoned.
  • Cops, Florida, Spaghetti-Os, William Goldman and much more.
  • Wannabe cop murdered three women and tried for a fourth.
  • Everything cops and other “justice” officials tell you is a lie.
  • One of the most vile prohibitionist organizations in Europe.
  • A dumpsterrific article full of weird feminist/MRA claptrap.
  • A monster’s attempted power grab goes down the toilet.
  • Cops, cats, straight people, Beethoven, and much more.
  • More cops imagining ordinary things as “sex trafficking”.
  • Pimps are uncommon, but most who do exist are cops.
  • Another of those nonexistent false assault accusations.
  • FOSTA was a huge miscalculation by prohibitionists.
  • Tanzania ramps up its pogroms against gay men.
  • No woman is safe from sexually-aggressive cops.
  • This article is completely unmoored from reality.
  • Prohibitionists now claim they don’t need proof.
  • Virtually a catalog of prohibitionist bullshit.
  • A quick and easy way to clear a fenceline.
  • Remember “prostitution-free zones”?
  • Greta Thunberg, child saint.
  • The quiet week that wasn’t.
  • Rapist cops of the week.
  • Fascism in action.

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