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Links #527

By Maggiemcneill @Maggie_McNeill

The 8-Ball was a psychic.  –  Stella Immanuel

The day after I found the “Bradbury” link, my favorite living animator, Amy Winfrey, tweeted this muffin film (if you’re unfamiliar with Amy, it’s one of her series) as a response.  The links above the video were provided by Kevin Wilson, Jesse Walker, Billy Binion, Ally Fogg, Franklin Harris, and Lady Vi, in that order.

From the Archives

  • They made “different last names” a thing so as to cover up racial profiling.
  • Teen Vogue publishes “sex trafficking” pap with taped mouths and red Xs.
  • A few masseuses realize they need to stand with whores rather than pigs.
  • Why does this reporter feel the need to cede ground to prohibitionist lies?
  • An egregious case of deliberate racial profiling by government guidelines.
  • In 2018 the FBI was bragging about the “success” of its annual pogroms.
  • Let’s hope this provides a precedent to take down similar robbery gangs.
  • Corporations are becoming the favored tool of censors around the world.
  • More on Amazon’s fascist collaboration with cops to end privacy forever.
  • Tyranny always starts with despised minorities, but never stops with us.
  • Trying to cash in on “sex trafficking” hysteria with recycled propaganda.
  • The predictable result of European countries denying queer folk asylum.
  • When will amateurs learn that the War on Whores affects them as well?
  • Who else is barred from US for acts that aren’t crimes in their country?
  • Columbus pretend to “do something” about its rapist vice pig problem.
  • As I’ve said many times, US sex workers are arrested for being raped.
  • Pearl-clutching mess about feds’ attack on an ordinary escort service.
  • Does violence against women change in different regulatory regimes?
  • Badge-licker claims Lacey & Larkin were no longer “real” journalists.
  • Will the media finally pay attention to the psychopathic Grady Judd?
  • Snopes quotes a giant lie while debunking one tiny subsidiary one.
  • Cops busting kids’ lemonade stands is no longer news, but this is.
  • You wouldn’t know that sex dolls have existed for over a century.
  • Abuse of migrants has been a bipartisan policy for quite a while.
  • Cops, snails, yellow stripey things, rock music and much more.
  • Useful idiots are unable to understand how precedent works.
  • How does government fight imaginary high recidivism rates?
  • The official “sex trafficking” narrative is starting to backfire.
  • Why do so many clients think they can have bareback now?
  • “Rehabilitation” = “re-education” = psychological torture.
  • Swanee Hunt’s loathesome “bots” aren’t scaring clients.
  • Megalomaniacs think they control the laws of nature.
  • “How Romania Became a Prohibitionist Bogeyman”.
  • What our government calls a “correctional facility”.
  • Are moving posters more legible than static ones?
  • Your dick is not a mighty and dangerous weapon.
  • The reason for my legendary hair-trigger muting.
  • Never call the cops for any reason whatsoever.
  • Imagine this actually going to trial in the US.
  • A small victory for sex workers in California.
  • A rare female example of the McNeill Rule.
  • The “sex trafficking”panic is tired out.
  • Silly “sex trafficking hub” fantasies.
  • Cops, cops, cops and much more.
  • But, but, but…BUYING WOMEN!!!
  • Porn is abuse of women!
  • Rapist cop of the week.
  • Buying tools for Grace.
  • Projects at Sunset.

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