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By Maggiemcneill @Maggie_McNeill

I exonerated tons of cases that involved awful conduct.  –  Dan Bodah

Here’s a funny look at something I’ve been pointing out for decades now, provided by Marc Randazza; the links above the video were supplied by Amy Alkon, Thaddeus Russell, Franklin Harris and Jesse Walker, Walter Olson, and Jesse Walker again, in that order.

From the Archives

  • The real purpose of this scheme is to cut sex workers off from healthcare.
  • Redbridge has a history of harassing whores with stupid “crime” rhetoric.
  • Cops, eggcorns, nightmares, advertising, Southern Gothic & much more.
  • One day, “People work to make money” will be recognized as non-news.
  • The deeply-stupid babble spouted by “officials” in low-population states.
  • Why can’t straight vanillas recognize sexual behavior when they see it?
  • Just a reminder:  I owned an escort service like this one, only smaller.
  • Anti-sex brinwashing programs for women are very popular in Ohio.
  • When a headline asks a question, the answer is almost always “no”.
  • If sex work weren’t illegal laws like this would be easily overturned.
  • Prohibitionists supported a delusional cop involved in this hoax.
  • Truthful headline: “Police Pay Man to Rape Immigrant Women”.
  • The infantilization of sex workers is growing ever more absurd.
  • Calling rape “sex trafficking” is a good way to inflate numbers.
  • Puritan fanatics have given tyrants an all-purpose accusation.
  • Phoenix Calida on the absurdity of a sex-work-free “Utopia”.
  • What fraction of online casual sex ads are really escort ads?
  • Everything cops and other “justice” officials tell you is a lie.
  • The government war on thought is wholly unconstitutional.
  • Sometimes the ignorance of pigs is utterly mind-boggling.
  • Any internet-connected device can be used to spy on you.
  • Cops, homeless people, Rutger Hauer, and much more.
  • Facts have absolutely nothing to do with US sex laws.
  • Sometimes the War on Whores is the War on Drugs.
  • A Who night, black pudding, and a good hair day.
  • No, you can’t “save the planet” by going vegan.
  • Our government refers to this as “correction”.
  • A baby step forward for disabled Australians.
  • Yet another example of the McNeill Rule.
  • Decriminalization is just the beginning.
  • A sample of tweets you missed out on.
  • My two previous columns for Lammas.
  • When my new chickens started laying.
  • I’ll be watching this race with interest.
  • Welcome to our world, tattoo artists.
  • “Youth pastors” are as bad as cops.
  • No, porn isn’t a “superstimulus”.
  • A special for the Dog Days.
  • Oh, what a surprise.

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