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Links #525

By Maggiemcneill @Maggie_McNeill

Problem would be if I take you in the woods.  –  “Officer” James Lloyd

Here’s another of those unusual song covers I like so much.  The links above it were provided by Furrygirl, Cop Crisis, Mistress Matisse, Tim Cushing, Marc Randazza, and Amy Alkon, in that order.

From the Archives

  • Even a horrifying case like this doesn’t look like the “sex trafficking” myth.
  • Disclaimers won’t stop charlatans from pretending this is “sex addiction”.
  • “Trafficking is EVERYWHERE!” articles sound so tired & perfunctory now.
  • “Education” here means confinement in the notorious Prey Speu prison.
  • Another case of state using sex work as “evidence” of mental disability.
  • Think I’m wrong about sex worker rights having passed the watershed?
  • I’ve never seen anything raise support for sex workers like FOSTA has.
  • Witchcraft charges were once a popular way to persecute sex workers.
  • “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.“
  • The few articles about “Straight Pride” events we do see are hilarious.
  • The worst crime I’ve ever seen “sex addiction” used as a defense for.
  • Pederast politicians are nearly as common as those who hire women.
  • So much for any hope this myth would be dead by the next election.
  • Rape is legal as long as other wannabe rapists are allowed to watch.
  • Yellow journalists keep parroting long-debunked wanking fantasies.
  • Just in case you forgot about the other sex workers Trump paid off.
  • Even the request for screening info acts as a form of pre-screening.
  • It’s good to see the fascist establishment hoist with its own petard.
  • “Walk Free” got tired of its old wanking fantasy, so they inflated it.
  • What kind of “rescuers” lock the “victims” they “rescue” in a cage?
  • This actually recognizes criminalization as a major cause of stress.
  • Sex workers are fighting India’s terrible new “anti-trafficking” bill.
  • Australian prohibitionists are just as vile as those in the US & UK.
  • Get your kids into the facial recognition database before puberty!
  • More insulting, patronizing, COAST-type “sex trafficking” bullshit.
  • We certainly can’t have those dirty pedos not molesting children.
  • Another good example of why “legalized” sex work is a bad idea.
  • Yellow journalists assist cops to protect and serve crime victims.
  • Columbus, Ohio wants to give every pig the opportunity to rape.
  • I hope this finger-pointing keeps up until the hysteria implodes.
  • The quaint non-“law enforcement” term for this is “blackmail”.
  • “Repatriation” is the fashionable euphemism for “deportation”.
  • Guys, sex workers are both safer and cheaper in the long run.
  • Even by prohibitionist standards, this is hilariously hysterical.
  • Judge rejects FOSTA challenge for bogus, cowardly reasons.
  • Another of those cases whose reported details don’t add up.
  • Sex workers all over the world are demanding their rights.
  • Any internet-connected device can be used to spy on you.
  • Agricultural workers are routinely harassed & even raped.
  • A retrospective of my columns from July 2015 and 2016.
  • How did you deal with anal rape without serious trauma?
  • Congress made a bizarre pro-FOSTA propaganda video.
  • Not an attempt to control women’s bodies, no sirree.
  • Another step toward the end of privacy, everywhere.
  • Another effect of France’s jihad against sex workers.
  • More on Amazon’s campaign to end privacy forever.
  • Cops, Florida, hot dogs, Art Neville and much more.
  • Where does the phrase “turning tricks” come from?
  • Cops, feminism, yoga, Jim Croce and much more.
  • Your government refers to this as “correction”.
  • A quiet week, a new phone and a blue rose.
  • More from Liz Brown on the Epstein case.
  • To St. Mary Magdalene on her feast day.
  • A “life hack” for a surfeit of daylight.
  • “Youth pastors” are as bad as cops.
  • In other news, bear shits in woods.
  • A lot of editing was needed here.
  • A wound that never will heal.
  • Rapist cop of the week.

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