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By Maggiemcneill @Maggie_McNeill

 I can’t breathe.  –  Carlos Ingram-Lopez

Ennio Morricone died on Monday, leaving a legacy of film scores that are instantly recognizable to millions who wouldn’t reconize his name.  That news comes via Wendy Lyon, and the links above the video from Mike Siegel, Amy Alkon, Mama Tush, Rick Horowitz, and Mama Tush again, in that order.

From the Archives

  • More European government humanitarianism to “fight human trafficking”.
  • The scheme to cut sex workers off from the healthcare system continues.
  • Governments fight profiteers for control of the “sex trafficking” narrative.
  • A crime doesn’t magically become a different thing when sex is involved.
  • Real humanitarians are fighting against racist “anti-trafficking” schemes.
  • The government doesn’t care that its war on thought is unconstitutional.
  • Evil douchebags trying to criminalize Nevada brothels fall on their faces.
  • In my “ideal world”, hypocritical apologists for feminism wouldn’t exist.
  • “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time“.
  • Gentrification is a common motivation for persecution of sex workers.
  • Scheme to cut sex workers off from the healthcare system continues.
  • Useful idiots are surprised, though this was as predictable as sunrise.
  • The FBI should’ve just run their child porn sites on DoD computers.
  • Scumbags don’t get caging humans induces pathological behavior.
  • Adult woman turns into “child” via the power of a magical camera.
  • Please tell us more about how legalization “protects” sex workers.
  • Indiana pursues the “right” to rob anyone within its borders blind.
  • Please, rescue industry, keep attacking your most powerful allies.
  • An attempt to slander the good work done by SWOP Behind Bars.
  • When giving someone a ride to work is a “felony”. Because “ring”.
  • It’s not often a judge rules against cops in favor of a sex worker.
  • A pet judge isn’t going to be able to make this scandal go away.
  • What happens when you refuse to tailor your pet law narrowly.
  • Where “cutting-edge” is used to mean “hopelessly inaccurate”.
  • Total number of frogs in Lisa Lewis’ self-destructive chorus: 3.
  • Cops, sharks, spiders, Idi Amin, and other dangerous animals.
  • Cathy Reisenwitz’ sex-positive libertarian feminist tent revival.
  • Americans think their sadfeelz about sex trump human rights.
  • Once Patreon started caving in to PayPal, this was inevitable.
  • Rapist cop escapes consequences of his actions by croaking.
  • Only bootlickers think the “cashless society” is a good thing.
  • I’ve been a harsh critic of these do-nothing law for 7 years.
  • People sometimes ask me why I moved out of Louisiana.
  • What kind of warped “ally” quotes prohibitionist myths?
  • More inevitable “monkey see, monkey do” from the UK.
  • Seven years in a cage for drawing a fictional character.
  • Mike Siegel on the “harm enhancement” of prohibition.
  • You may not like my take on the Jeffrey Epstein thing.
  • Another victory for feminism against jobs for women.
  • Starting the Sunset floor-leveling project at last.
  • Yet another perfect example of the McNeill Rule.
  • I suspect this sort of story isn’t all that unusual.
  • “Written assurance” is like a “restraining order”.
  • Another chance for you to help sex workers.
  • A functioning police state needs no police.
  • My eighth and ninth anniversary columns.
  • The Swedish model “helps” sex workers!
  • Welcome to our world, infertile women.
  • Welcome to our world, cannabusiness.
  • Some good stuff is better than none.
  • A quiet genocide in China.
  • Rapist cops of the week.

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