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LinkedIn Has Launched the New Company Engagement Report [Explained Everything]

Posted on the 04 November 2020 by Gaurav Kumar @vhowtodo

What is the LinkedIn Company Engagement report? How will it help B2B marketers?

Here is everything that you must know about the LinkedIn Company Engagement report for marketers. Other people are at: How To Hire A Freelance Front End Developer

According to the LinkedIn Marketing Solution Blog, LinkedIn's Company Engagement report is the source of essential data that can help B2B marketers better understand their target audience and reach strategies.

LinkedIn Company engagement report will display two critical factors, engagement and Account-based marketing.

In this New Company Engagement report, marketers will see various metrics that will display the target audience's level of engagement with the business.

In this new report, marketers will find the scope to develop actionable marketing strategies. And all this comes from the engagement data tracked and gathered by LinkedIn.

What is tracked in the LinkedIn Company Engagement Report?

Here are the metrics tracked by LinkedIn Company Engagement Report:
Here is the formula to get the total engagement level;
LinkedIn has Launched the New Company Engagement Report [Explained Everything]
Ad engagement+Organic Engagement+ Website visits /Number of members bench-marked and targeted= Total engagement level
Number of the member working in the company targeted by the marketing campaign.
Total Ad engagement is the sun of clicks, video views, shares, likes, and comments.This also includes the ads data.
The total number of interactions on the posts shared at your LinkedIn Business Page.
The total number of times members have visited your website.

You will see all the essential metrics categorized according to your target companies in the new Company Engagement report.

Total Engagement Level:

  • Know: Whether you are reaching the target audience or not.
  • Focus: Focus on Marketing and sale outreach.
  • Understand: Understand the performance of organic content and ads.
LinkedIn's Company Engagement Report will help the marketers to understand if the impressions are coming from the decision-makers or not.

Member Target:

Total Ad Engagement:

Total Organic Engagement:

Total Website Visits:

LinkedIn Company Engagement report is a new feature that will help the marketers with the data they always need to build better strategies.

How can You Use the LinkedIn's Company Engagement Report:

According to the LinkedIn, the new company engagement report will empower B2B marketers to know, focus and understand.

And here is what you will know, focus and understand with this engagement report;

The traditional engagement level metric will also be there.

The new LinkedIn Company Engagement report will help marketers find the answer if this is working or not.


LinkedIn has made several adaptations this year to make the platform more user friendly.

The best thing is that you are getting this data for Free in your Campaign Manager section.

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