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Lilibeth • The Brow Shaper

By Kellilash @Kellilash

When I posted a picture to Instagram some weeks ago showcasing my 'brow team' it got a lot of attention, especially my new brow gadget that I was raving about in that post. Just in case you didn't know, I swear by when it comes to brow products as I use them religiously, mainly the , and . But I am here to discuss a new beauty tool that shall take all the stress out of brow grooming as we now it, because we all know how important brows are and what a 'pain in the backside' they can be to get right.

Let me introduce you to a little beauty tool that shall change your life called from The Brow Shaper of New York, which isa famous brow bar graced by many an actor and supermodel. I was sent to try this a few weeks back and since I received it, has honestly become a staple in my routine hence I had to tell you about it of course! Lilibeth

The Brow Shaper is a mini tool that allows you create perfect eyebrows without plucking, waxing or threading. It has a stainless-steel coated sculptor that is designed not to cut or irritate delicate skin areas. We all have those fine fluffy brow hairs that make them look untidy and tweezers just can't get at them, well this can. Trust me, y

The shaper folds under to protect the blade, making it portable and a perfect fit for your makeup bag. Using the shaper is simple; use it at an angle on clean dry skin and go against the hair growth. Pull the skin taunt and glide the shaper over the skin, making sure you don't press too hard, the blade is actually more powerful than you think so be sure to be gentle! You can always practice on the back of your arm first should you need to. Wipe the blade after each use and you shall see the fluff and hair removed which is actually very satisfying!

It is not just for brows, oh no no no .... it also works on the upper lip, chin, along the cheek, back of neck between hair cuts etc and bikini line should you need a little 'tidy up'. Basically anywhere that you have unwanted hair, use it. It DOES NOT encourage harsh or heavy regrowth rest assured!

Facial hair aka 'peach fuzz' can be a very personal issue that some of us may have and wearing makeup can often highlight the fact even more so by using this shaper as a derma planing tool, shall help massively. This treatment costs a fortune on salons so this really is the tool to own! The shaper actually exfoliates your skin whilst removing hair which then helps your skincare to absorb better hence seeing better long term results.

You can see below how I use it on my own brows ....

Use above the brow to create a more defined shape.

Use in-between your brows to avoid any 'mono-brows' or again to get rid of those pesky fluffy hairs to make your brows look a lot neater and more defined.

Should you need any fuzz free help on areas such as the upper lip, face, bikini line etc then go ahead, the shaper works a treat!

Well I love, love, love this product, no doubt about it. My brows are something that I strive to perfect every single day as I do my own, so getting into a bright light that shows up all the hairs you missed is never a good thing but this tool seems to get those invisible problem hairs with no problem hence this is my new #bff. This is a professional grade brow tool and the same brow tool that is used by the professionals at Lilibeth Brow Bar but you don't have to be a professional to use it so if you want to save money on salon trips then here is your answer, especially as the tool itself it under £7/€8! What is not to like?!

They say each shaper lasts between 2-3 months but it all depends on how often and how much you are using the blade. They come in various colours and designs and are also sold as a duo pack so you always have a back up, then you can simply restock when your onto your second!

This is perfect for men and women and is totally pain free too, as we know the men aren't good with eyebrow pain are they now, oh no. In fact I took mine away on my recent holiday and ended up doing my all my friends brows, both male and female and they all commented on how amazing this tool was and then proceeded to order one online! It really is such a handy essential to own. As a males hair is a lot coarser, you shall find that the blade may go blunt a lot faster so you may need to order a replacement sooner.

If you are lazy with your brows and like fuss free (and fuzz free of course) then this is a must and like I said this is a beauty tool we all should own, just like owning a pair of tweezers.

Available online from with worldwide delivery options priced at just £6.95 for a single Brow Shaper or for a set of two - great value for money. £13.90

including the brilliant Hand Palette that I reviewed .

Let me know if you try it out & what you think!

Lilibeth • The Brow Shaper

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